SL-1076 - Everyone loves the Universal Audio 1176, one of the classic
compressor / limiter archetypes. From vocals to the Mix Buss, this FET-based dynamics processor is capable of incredible amounts of Gain Reduction, thanks to an anti-distortion combined with single-ended class-A audio amplifiers.

Scott Liebers Labs has created  a "modern" version, dubbed the SL-1076.  The SL-1076 employs the same side-chain and FET gain reduction circuit as the most desirable "D" and "E" versions of Bill Putnam's famous UA-1176. It adds a Neve-style front end and the classic NEVE output circuit featured in their 1066, 1073 and 1272 modules. By doing so, we've preserved the smooth class-A vibe of the original, along with a British-style twist.  Meanwhile it has the highest quality and components that Scott Liebers Labs is famous for. 

The SL-1076 comes in a mono, single space rack mount version and a stereo (multi mono with link) unit in a 2 space rack mount version.  Each are made upon ordering.