SL 2510 - SL-2510's were designed to improve reliability for an on-air music production 32 channel Legacy console. Within 4 years, many of the stock 2510 opamps started to fail, especially in the EQ sections. I blame the failures on the potting compound used to enclose the guts of the 2510's. This potting compound has a consistency similar to a pencil eraser. It makes a nice insulation to bottle in the heat
generated by the output transistors eventually cooking them.

Upgrades - Additional longevity improvements were made to the output stage. By putting the output stage on a separate PCB, heat sink pads could be added and larger output transistors are used to dissipate heat better. In addition to having better heat dissipation, SL-2510's are repairable should a failure ever occur.

Over 30 SL-2510's have been in use, 24/7 for the past 5 years in MPR's 32 channel Legacy console. This console is often used for live music broadcasts and must have a low failure rate. So far, none of the SL-2510's have failed.


Quantity Per Op Amp Total Savings
10 $55 $550 $150
8 $57.50 $460 $100
6 $60 $360 $60
4 $62.50 $250 $30
2 $65 $130 $10
1 $70 $70 we encourage
you to buy in pairs